About the Journal

Journal of Community Service and  Engagement (JOCOSAE)- Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat  is with e-ISSN: 2807-5633  published by

SK Kemenkumham AHU-0054821-AH.01.14 Tahun 2021
Akta Pendirian No 332 Tgl 26-8-2021 Notaris NURLISA UKE DESY, SH. Mkn

JOCOSAE is a peer-reviewed journal that contains scientific articles adopting community service.

This journal aims to publish high-quality articles as a result of community service in the national scope.

JOCOSAE  accepts articles from Community Services (Pengabdian pada Masyarakat) conducted by the lecturer, Student Creativity Program in Community Services scope , or other public service activities in the form of training, workshops, counseling, mentoring, socialization, as well as empowerment . This journal was first published in August 2021 and is published 6 ( six) time  a year.

Articles can be written in Indonesian or English. All published articles in this journal can be accessed online by everyone at no charge.